Warm salad with veal


  • veal
  • yellow and red pepper
  • carrot
  • cucumbers
  • lettuce
  • sesame
  • red onion
  • soy sauce
  • oil for frying
  • salt, pepper to taste

Cut the veal at room temperature into thin pieces and fry in a well-heated pan over medium heat in oil for 3-5 minutes (no more) on both sides until golden.
Finely chop the carrot into strips, add to the meat, add salt, pepper, soy sauce and fry for ~8-10 minutes.
Then reduce the heat a little, add red and yellow peppers cut into strips, sesame seeds, mix and fry for another ~10 minutes.
After that, put lettuce leaves, sliced cucumbers, onions and ready warm vegetables in a deep bowl.
Mix and serve!

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